Fetish Alliance - Resume and Bios of Master Jazz and slave Stewart

Master Jazz Salcedo and slave Stewart Siegel


This is a listing of all of the events that we have done demonstrations and workshops, as well as work in the community for your review regarding events, groups, and classes


National Leather Association – Florida

Jazz Salcedo

  • Founder of the original organization including creation of the original Board of Directors

Stewart Siegel

  • Former Secretary and in charge of Demonstrations and Classes


Fetish Alliance

Jazz Salcedo

  • Founder and Executive Director of the premiere online website geared just to the Leather and Fetish community

  • In charge of communications and direction of what the website is all about

Stewart Siegel

  • Webmaster

  • Coordinator of information and postings

Classes and Demonstrations

Together in Leather, Charlotte, NC

  • Serving Etiquette
  • Minorities and the BDSM Lifestyle


  North Carolina Leather Weekend
  • Old Guard - What is it?
  • Discussion on Master/slave Relationships
  • Having a Long-Term Relationship in the Master/slave Lifestyle



Panhandle Area Lifestyle Society (PALS), Pensacola, FL
  • Class on Wax Play, Fire, Pervertibles
  • Discussion on Master/slave Relationships
  • 8 Hour Class on Slave Training, Etiquette, and Protocols


Panama City People Exchanging Power (PC PEP)
  • Class on Pervertibles and Fire Play
  • Demonstration on Fire
  • 8 Hour Class on Slave Training, Etiquette, and Protocols


TALON – Greensboro, NC
  • Class on Pervertibles


Malicious Masquerade, Chicago, IL
  • Jazz: Class on Pervertibles
  • Stewart: Class on Fire


Submissive Unity Network (SUN), Tampa, FL
  • 8 Hour Class on Slave Training, Etiquette, and Protocols


International Ms Leather (IMsL), Omaha, NE
  • Class on Table Service
  • Class on Contracts
  • In charge of Roundtable on Old Guard/New Guard/Vanguard


Montgomery Central Alabama Power Exchange (Montgomery CAPE), Montgomery, AL
  • 8 Hour Class on Slave Training, Etiquette, and Protocols


Dominant Submissive Support Group (DSSG), Tampa, FL
  • 8 Hour Class on Slave Training, Etiquette, and Protocols
  Family Ties – Southern Alabama Leather Enthusiasts (SABLE), Mobile, AL
  • Classes on Gay Leather, Gay vs. Straight Master/slave Relationships, Service


Jazz Salcedo

Jazz Salcedo entered the scene in 1978, where he was trained in Germany. When he came back to the states he was involved with various leather events, as well as continued his training with in New York, Boston, Washington, DC, and New Jersey.

When he came back to Florida in 1988, he became a member of FFA/Miami. When they folded, he joined FFA/FGC, where be became the secretary, Sergeant at Arms, and President.

He was also one of the 2 original founders of NLA-Florida, where he helped with the uniting of the Florida Leather and Fetish community. When he saw that NLA-Florida was not going as per his dream, or the NLA statement of purpose, Jazz and Stewart (his lover and dedicated slave), with the support of others within the community, founded Fetish Alliance, Florida’s prominent educational and resource based website.

Jazz is the proud boy of Chuck Higgins, Mr. Southeast Leather in 1990, former chairperson of NLA-International, and a prominent speaker at many leather events throughout the United States. Jazz has also made presentations, sat on roundtables, moderated events, and taught at Malicious Masquerade 2001 Pervertibles, at DSSG-Tampa slave handling, etiquette, and protocol, as well as various local NLA, and Fetish Alliance events.

Jazz is also a requested speaker and demonstrator on Pervertibles, Fisting, Health and Safety issues, Master and slave etiquette and protocols, Gay Master and slave relationships, Daddy/boy relationships, and Gay versus straight play.

Jazz has been a demonstrator and speaker at Malicious Masquerade in Chicago, Panhandle Area Lifestyle Society (PALS), Panama City PEP, Talon in Greensboro, NC, as well as other locations.

Stewart Siegel

Stewart Siegel entered the scene in 1981 where he was trained in New York. He was the boy of a major publisher who was a founder of the Pocono Warriors.

He was a founder of one of the founders of The Pier, New York's largest online systems, before the Internet.

He was also a trained slave, and was a slave for a Master for 10 years and for Jazz for almost 9 years.

When coming to Florida, Stewart was asked to be the Secretary of the original National Leather Association - Florida. Helping form their regular training and demo's months, he left due to work. He started a relationship with his Jazz Salcedo, and together, they founded Fetish Alliance, with the help of some like-minded people. He is also the Webmaster of the website Fetish Alliance at http://www.fetishalliance.net

Stewart is also a trainer in Bondage, Pervertibles, Fire and Wax, Flogging, and equipment building.

Stewart is now in the process, with the help of Slavette, International slave 2002, and the dedicated slave of Master Scott Parker, Viola Johnson, to write a book called Slave Training from a Slave's Point of View, as well as to teach protocol and service to anyone who is interested. Stewart was a presenter at Malicious Masquerade 2001 where his presentation was on Fire Play and safety; at DSSG-Tampa and PALS in Fort Walton on slave training, etiquette, and protocol, as well as various local NLA, and Fetish Alliance events.

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