Welcome to Fetish Alliance

Welcome to the renovated Fetish Alliance

What have we done?

Besides doing everything on a very neutral backgroud, I have also added an easier and faster way to access the files. On the left is a generic Menu Bar, and then as you go to the various new pages, I have clutter free menus, and things filed much better.

Who is the Fetish Alliance?

We are an educational website to promote fellowship and provide a means for the community to identify themselves and participate in the Leather, Levi, Uniform, Cross-Dressing, Gothic and other fetish communities regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin, gender, health status, age or disabilities.

Why form the Fetish Alliance?

To establish and maintain communication, information, education, and support for members of the Leather/SM/Fetish community

To promote the right of any person of legal age to engage in Safe, Sane and Consensual sexual expression and help all any organization with the decriminalization of all sexual acts between consenting adults that does not cause death or debilitating problems.

To help with political activism, visibility and education in order to eradicate and destroy stereotypical beliefs, misconceptions and media misrepresentation about the Leather/SM/Fetish community at large.

To provide, through publications, educational materials and conferences, a forum for the sharing of knowledge, viewpoints and practices from a diverse network of people.

To help strengthen and defend anybody within our community, especially against threats to their freedoms under the law.

To welcome any person, be they women, people of color, transgender, hearing impaired, the physically challenged and others who have traditionally been discriminated against or poorly represented within the Fetish community.

To facilitate fund raising to any business, person or organization which have given direct service to the Fetish community.

This site is not soliciting monies from the people visiting the site, but is here for information.